Zoo Miami Chimpanzees Receive Exams

Zoo Miami’s four chimpanzees were immobilized last week to undergo a variety of exams, including dental exams performed by human dentists, Dr. Adrian Correa and Dr. Richard Souviron from Dental Leaders, echocardiograms performed by veterinary cardiologist Dr. Dewey Carpenter, bronchoscopies performed by human pulmonologist Dr. Greg Holt from the University of Miami, anesthesia supervised by Dr. Sathya Chinnadurai, veterinary anesthesiologist from the Brookfield Zoo, and uterine exams performed by human OBGYN, Dr. Karen Salazar Valdes. Zoo Miami Associate veterinarians, Dr. Jimmy Johnson, Dr. Marisa Bezjian, and Dr. Gabrielle Flacke, oversaw all procedures.

Author: Rich